Three Things; Finds – Wooden Display Trays

Finds; Wooden Display Trays

Today’s finds are three retro wooden display trays found in a local charity shop (just the thing for a little cheesey pineapple one at Abigail’s party). We have been working on stocking and styling the new studio today with inspirational bits and bobs everywhere you look.

Wooden buttons scattered on a wooden display tray

This long tray has been casually strewn with lots of little buttons that are made of wood but look like little fragments of bone.

Shells, Stones and Laser Cut Circles on a vintage wooden tray

These mussel shells have been filled with little circles that have been laser cut from plywood. This is everyday ply rather than laser ply so the cut edges have gone a characteristic sooty black, which we think is quite appealing.

Sea worn pebbles and driftwood arranged on a retro display tray

Here we have some sea worn pebbles and driftwood collected from Thurstaston shore, lovely natural textures.