Three Things; Works in Progress – Fused Glass and Beach Glass

Fused Glass and Beach Glass Works in Progress

Wednesday is Works in Progress on the three things blog and today we are looking at some fused glass pieces Laura has been experimenting with.

Fused Glass and Beach Glass on driftwood

Laura loves the look and feel of beach glass (sometimes called sea glass) and liked the idea of fusing some plain glass into little jewel like nuggets inspired by seascapes and the shoreline. The contrast between the opaque soft surface of the beach glass and the high shine translucency of the fused pieces is striking. Here she displays three of her pieces interspersed with beach glass fragments, don’t worry no beach glass has been harmed in the making of these pieces!

Glass fused with beach sand

This piece of fused glass on the left has beach sand tack-fused onto its surface along with Deep Royal Blue glass fine frit manipulated into linear patterns.

Fused glass seascape

The piece of fused glass on the right has glass stringers fully fused into it evoking reeds or grasses with the short brown lines. The blues here come again from a dusting of fine glass frit which has been manipulated using a pointed tool.

Laura has carried on fusing the glass long after the fully fused point so that the initially square and even pieces she began with become distorted and more organic looking.