Three Things; Works in Progress – fused glass seascapes ii, lasercut lace feather, sea holly designs

Works in progress; glass, sea holly and laser cut feather

Works in progress today and a contribution from each of us. We have taken advantage of the long winter shadows and natural light on the photography today.

Fused Glass Seascape

Laura has been working more on her fused glass miniature seascapes. This one measures 2cm x2cm and has some sand encapsulated within the centre. Laura layered the firing paper in the kiln to produce a linear ‘seam’ within the back surface of the fused glass. This seam catches the low light beautifully and represents the sunlight gleaming on the horizon.

Sea Holly design inspiration

Sue has been looking at Sea Holly as a source of inspiration this week. We have a few sea holly plants growing up the sides of the studio and Sue has dried some sections for lasting inspiration. She has been working with colour washes, watercolour and collage techniques to begin textile design. The autumnal sunlight flooding the studio late this afternoon has thrown wonderfully sharp sea holly shadows over Sue’s work, doesn’t it look beautiful?

Laser cut lace design feather nestled in knitting wool balls

Kris has been experimenting with taking textile textures and applying them to unusual materials, see his laser cut lace here. This week he has been laser cutting feathers with textile textures and designs. Here he displays a lace design feather amongst the heavy texture of balls of wool.