George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces


The build for our stunning art studio was filmed from start to finish for Channel 4 – George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. It was very exciting! You can watch our episode in full by visiting Chanel 4 On Demand.


George Clarke's Amazing Spaces Showcases Shore Cottage Studio

L-R: George Clarke, Kris Heath, Laura Heath outside Shore Cottage Studio.


Taking part in George Clarke’s show was life changing! We watched series one of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces as we love watching ordinary folk, with ordinary budgets (and sometimes crazy dreams) creating something unique. At the end of the last few episodes there was a voice over imploring viewers who were planning their own amazing space to get in touch for the next series. At the time we were designing our build but hadn’t received planning permission or even finalised our design, but we felt we had a story to tell and so sent an email with some shots of the cottage and beach to the production company.

This was late autumn, and it was March before we heard from the team to say we had made it through the initial paper sift, and they wanted to shoot some test footage with us. The test footage was shot on a most unseasonable March day with drifts of snow falling as we showed the lone camerawoman around the garden and explained what we hoped would soon be there.

Another few months passed until we heard we had been successful. George and the crew spent a day filming us early summer before the build started. We had already cleared the plot ready for the build at that point, so the once green lawn and planted borders had given way to a dry muddy patch, which made for a great contrast for the before and after shots, but didn’t accurately reflect the nice garden space we had beforehand!


Some fun facts…

  • George is just as lovely in real life as he appears on screen!
  • The build itself took place in August – not that you’d know that from the photos – it drizzled or full on rained for much of the build!
  • George himself was not on site for the build portion, but we had a camera crew following our every move.
  • We blogged about the build at the time but had to keep the filming a secret. We signed a contract saying we wouldn’t tell anyone about the filming until a week before the show aired, this was the most tricky part of the whole process!
  • We didn’t get to see any of the footage or the final show until it aired – we were biting our nails as to how we would come across.
  • The soundman’s boom hit our oystercatcher lampshade before filming the final shot on the sofas by the big window. Whenever we watch it back we are distracted by how wonky the shade is – we wish we’d noticed and rearranged it at the time!
  • We didn’t receive any payment for appearing, nor did George or his team have any design input into the studio. They simply documented what we were doing – so why did we do it? We hoped the exposure would be good for our new business and give a kick start to our new life.
  • We are proud to be one of the few builds of the series that came in on time, in budget, and totally self funded from our own savings.

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