Three Things; Works in Progress – Making Shore Cottage Studio a friendly and creative atmosphere

Making Shore Cottage a friendly and creative atmosphere

This week we are hard at work stocking and styling our new studio. We hope to make it an inviting creative space where people can relax and be inspired.

Dyeing materials and inspiration

This is the Dyeing storage area with lots of lovely natural materials to dye from spun natural silk to raw fleece. Imagine getting your hands on this lot and making a rainbow in the sink, great fun.

Printing Corner letterpress

This is another area of the studio where we have letterpress and printing activities, look at the papers ready and waiting for the right person to fulfil their potential.

Teapots each with a cosy all ready for tea

No art or creative course or workshop is complete without a ready supply of refreshments. We have a range of fresh coffees but here we showcase our individual teapots each with a unique cosy hand knitted by Sue in which you may brew as much of our speciality teas as you like through the day.