Fashion Grams


Working with combining photographs and photograms in the darkroom I am inspired by iconic black and white fashion images. The transcriptions I produce aim to be a distillation of the original images to their key components. Having sought out a Gyorgy Kepes exhibition at Tate Liverpool I began to explore a new direction in the dark room. His stunningly graphic photograms moved me on from working with layered 35mm photographic negatives into creating totally unique one off images using photographic negatives, objects – both found and created, and hand painting ‘negtives’ onto sheet glass making contact prints whilst simultaneously exposing the traditional photographic image. I began my exploration by looking at three inspirational starting points; Helmut Newton photographing Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking in a deserted Paris street, Richard Avedon’s Dovima with Elephants, and George Hurrell’s starlet photographs with flowers including Mary Pickford, Joan Crawford, and Maureen O’Sullivan.

In some cases I have abstracted the original model entirely, in others I have represented the original likeness in broad strokes with a huge dry wipe glass marker, crafting fine details with the quill of a feather.