Custom Scratch Plate

We were asked to produce a framed scratch plate / pick guard as a gift for a guitar enthusiast. The client asked for a black and white image mounted in a white frame, a simple strong design to match the surroundings of the studio it would be displayed in.

This Fender Stratocaster scratch plate is an exact replica of the one in the photograph supplied. As the plate was to be framed, and not mounted onto a guitar, we were able to rotate the image and make the most of the space. Had this been fixed to a guitar, we would have rotated the image 90 degrees, so it could be seen properly when the guitar was being played. The laser cutter is so precise that we can make screw holes and pickup holes to match perfectly with practically any make and model of guitar.

We chose 1mm-thick engraving laminate for this commission, and mounted the plate in a deep white box frame using our own clear acrylic risers, which allow the plate to ‘float’ above the black background. The mount was custom made to match the size of the plate, with more space along the bottom to give emphasis to the custom dedication, ‘Chainsaw’. Not quite as gruesome as it first seems, this referred to the playing style!

The result is a crisp, stylish, personal object, perfect for mounting on the wall in a home studio. The client was suitably delighted with the end result:

“The scratchplate looks even better here than it does on your website. Thank you very much for your help with this project and delivering a first class result.”