Three Things; Works in Progress – Rusted Map Couture, Typography Jewellery, Nature Photography

Works in Progress, rusted map couture, typography jewellery, nature photography

We are finally in our new studio and using it every minute we can to create lovely things.

Rusted Map Couture

Sue has been working on a project based on her life story, she is combining rusted fabrics with maps of significant places in her life enhanced by hand and machine embroidery. She eventually hopes to create a couture jacket and skirt. Doesn’t it look great so far?

Typography Jewellery

Kris has been making some prototype typography jewellery. This is a necklace laser cut in wood made from G’s in various pleasing fonts. Kris still has some work to do to refine the design on the more fragile parts but this is ‘works in progress’! He can make the necklaces in any initial as a commission and they would make a stunning gift.

Nature photography

Laura has been taking advantage of the new studio’s display wall to view some of her nature portraits on a larger scale. The tension wire is actually a repurposed shower curtain wire but it works wonderfully for adding and changing displays with bulldog clips.