Three Things; Works in Progress – Stunning New Floor Commission

Laser Etched Floor

We can reveal the bird based commission Kris was working on was a customisation of the reclaimed parquet flooring for our new studio. Some famous people have been using variations on parquet flooring recently including Stella McCartney in her boutiques, but we haven’t seen anything quite like this before.

Organic wave pattern of custom etched parquet floor

Kris has laid the parquet in a gentle wave pattern reminiscent of the mud flats after the tide has gone out, a gentle welcoming organic shape.

Close up of oystercatcher birds laser etched into wooden parquet floor

What really makes the floor special is the laser etched oystercatchers flocking on the floor. Kris took dozens of digital photographs of the birds swooping and banking over the tideline and then digitally traced each bird’s outline individually.

Laser etched oystercatcher birds on wooden floor, stunning

He then precision etched the flooring blocks in twos and threes and hand placed each one to ensure the images were perfectly aligned on the floor.

This was no mean feat considering the floor is reclaimed from several different sources with differing sizes, textures and finishes.

We think the result is simply stunning. Here is a behind the scenes video of the flooring from our Facebook page.

What do you think? Would you like something similar in your creative space?