Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – Things that look better in the rain.

Collecting bag challenge - things that look better in the rain

The theme for today’s collecting bag challenge was things that look better in the rain.

Shore Cottage Studio in the rain

Laura photographed the stained wooden boards of our new studio at a lovely angle so as to capture a gleaming rainbow shimmer along the mid section.

Rusty chain in the rain

Sue liked the rusty chain wrapped around the post by the studio steps, Laura photographed it to try and capture the strips of mirror shine across the tops of the links.

Garden wind chimes in the rain

Kris likes the garden wind chimes in a herb planter filled up with rain. Laura captured a single drip about to drop from one cup.

Send us your photographs for this week’s challenge any time before Friday and we will add them below. You can email us or send us a twitpic or post one on our Facebook wall.

The next collecting bag challenge will be announced on our Facebook page on Friday at about 5pm.

Gill Alleyne's collecting bag challenge photo

Gill Alleyne visited the Birkenhead Festival of Transport at the weekend, she posted this picture to our Facebook page saying “A day out with the boys, rainy, windy on and off but it didn’t stop these amazing old vehicles looking just fabulous. The sounds and the smell along with the shiny paint were a perfect mix.” Thanks for the photo Gill it certainly looks good in the rain!

Beverley Salmon's amazing rain drenched spidersweb

Beverley Salmon captured this amazing image of a rain drenched spiderweb and posted it on our Facebook page. The sparkle of the raindrops is magical against the piece of tinfoil litter that had blown into a border in her garden. Thanks for sharing Bev!