Thre Things; Likes – National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day

This Thursday saw National Poetry Day in the UK, and we thought we’d dedicate our Saturday Likes to some of our favourite rhymes. O.k. So they are not exactly poems but before you scroll down can you identify any of our excerpts?

Witches Hat by The Incredible String Band

These are lyrics from the song ‘Witches Hat’ by The Incredible String Band. It featured on the album ‘The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter’ which was released in 1968. It is Sue’s choice for today and you may find her listening to this on vinyl out in the studio in a bit of down time. Well done if you managed to get this one!

Walk left, stand right by Abdominal

Kris has chosen lyrics from Canadian rapper Abdominal these lyrics were taken from his ‘Walk left, Stand right’ hit. It is about politeness and courtesy – an unusual topic for the genre. It does contain some bad language though, before you play it in front of anyone impressionable. Again congratulations if you recognised this obscure rap reference.

Excerpt from Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss

Laura chose an excerpt from ‘Fox in Socks’ by Dr Seuss which is wonderful to read aloud whatever your age. It has exquisite tongue twisters and an excellently named protagonist. Not so many points for guessing this more mainstream one!

What are your favourite rhymes?