Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – A Visit

Collecting Bag Challenge

This week we are bringing back the collecting bag challenge!

Readers of the blog from its inception will recognise the characters above but newer followers may not. So clockwise from top left we have; Humpty, Betty the Chicken, Minimalist Scandi Couple, the Brass Bunies, Gingerbread Couple and finally, the Rust Bunnies. You will notice they all have a collection bag with them. The sight of one of these characters or others, like Magic the Horse, heralded the start of a new Collecting Bag Challenge.

The idea being that there is a new theme each week and our lovely social media friends can take part by sending in an image to add to that week’s gallery.

This weekend the theme is ‘A Visit’. We would like you to take and share a creative snap as a response to the theme. Even if the most exciting place you are visiting this weekend is your kitchen cupboard to get another biscuit!

You can tweet us your image, post it on our Facebook page or email it to us. Either way we’ll add our own images on Sunday and will add yours up until next Friday.

Happy Hunting.


Sunday Update

Collecting bag challenge theme A Visit

Well here are our collecting bag challenge images as promised.

The long lower pic is from Sue’s vantage point in our minibus on our visit to the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate. We had a great time and will be posting a full blog on Friday with our best picks from the show.

The top right image was snapped by Laura out of the side window of the minibus and shows the blanket of deep fog in the Yorkshire valley which we then descended into loosing almost all visibility!

Kris stayed at home with the younger members of the Shore Cottage Studio team this weekend but did get to visit our lovely studio on Sunday afternoon. On his hectic commute between the house and studio he paused to enjoy the sunset which Laura photographed with Sue’s fish sculpture in the foreground.

Where have you visited this week? Do share a pic or creative response via email, twitter or Facebook.