Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – Adornment

Collecting Bag Challenge Adornment

The collecting bag challenge this week has the theme of Adornment. The Shore Cottage Studio team went out for a walk at the Wirral Country Park, Thurstaston in search of some natural adornments.

Long grass adorned with dew

Laura photographed these long grasses simply adorned with a single drop of dew.

Tree branch adorned with a vine

Sue loved the shape of the twisted vine adorning this tree branch.

Bridge adorned with tree

Kris liked the old railway bridge that has been naturally adorned with a tree!

Do you have any natural or man made adornments to share? How about something you have adorned yourself?

Email us a photograph, tweet us a twitpic, or post a photo on our Facebook wall and we’ll add it here for everyone to share. You can contribute up until about 5ish on Friday when we will post another theme for next week on our Facebook page.

Janine Pinion Adornment - tree at night

This wonderful image was contributed by Janine Pinion via our Facebook page yesterday in her own words “Adornment – the last few leaves on a tree at night – nature’s own decor” we love the golden tones against the dark sky, thanks Janine.

Gill Alleyne tree in wall

A contribution by Gill Alleyne, again from Facebook, an amazing photograph of a tree growing through a wall. Beautiful root shapes Gill. In Gill’s words “My most fave bit of wall and bit of tree, I have loads of photos of this from eastham and the boys adore it too More natural adornment.”