Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – All Wrapped Up

Collecting Bag Challenge - All wrapped up

The theme for the Collecting Bag Challenge this week is All Wrapped Up.

Sue Barnes rusted wrapped bundles

Sue made some dye bundles with rusted nails, she used tea as a mordant to bring out the blue colour as well as the usual rust. Wonderful sea shore colours all wrapped up to transfer the colour to the cloth. Sue will unwrap the bundles later in the week to discover what patterns they have made. Sue runs our Explore Design and Stitch course here at Shore Cottage Studio where natural dye processes can be explored.

Laura Heath Hair Bird wrapped with needle felted scarf

Laura loves to make hair birds, that is, birds made out of and for her hair. She needle felts a raw fleece body which is then wrapped and felted with her own hair which has been rescued from hairbrushes. For the challenge this week Laura added stripey feathers from the beach and a needle felted scarf. So this bird has an all wrapped up for autumn look. If you want to make your own hair bird you can find Laura’s tutorial here.

Kris Heath laser cut hand embroidered Perspex typography

Kris has just got a new batch of Perspex and has been experimenting with typography. Here he has laser cut a matrix of holes and then embroidered thread through to define the shape. The letter itself is therefore all wrapped up. Kris runs our creative laser cutting workshops here at Shore Cottage Studio.

Please do share your own All Wrapped Up images with us. You can email us, post a picture on our Facebook wall or tweet us a twitpic. Any you send we’ll include here on the blog.

This week Gill Alleyne has been wrapping up her family Christmas cakes and puddings.

Gill's Christmas cake all wrapped up.

Snug as a bug in a rug and fed with brandy too, now there’s a life.