Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – Bolt holes

Collecting bag challenge - Boltholes

The collecting bag challenge today was bolt holes. So we each set about finding an image that summed up our get away from it all place.

Kris' bolt hole

This is Kris’ bolt hole which unfortunately no longer exists in this form. This is a picture of Kris and Laura’s house in the North East before they moved down to the Wirral. Kris’ corner of the huge kitchen was by the log burning stove in a high backed leather chair. He had his favourite red Anglepoise lamp on his reclaimed Players crate next to a large Marshall amplifier. He enjoyed getting away from it all through music. Now we have built the studio in the garden Kris can begin to unpack his instruments that have been in storage for what seems like forever and can start to play again.

Prussia Cove Cornwall

When Sue wants to get away from all the sea and sky we have here in Thurstaston she visits Cornwall where they have sea and sky! This is Prussia Cove where Sue spent time a couple of years ago. She rented a terraced cottage overlooking the cove and shared an outside loo with swallows – an adventure!

Laura's bolt hole - the bath

Laura’s bolt hole is simply a hot bath. She comes up with all her best ideas in the bath and doesn’t mind sharing with the odd penguin or other assorted kids’ bath toys. Bubbles are nice but the essential component is that the water must be roasting hot – Bliss.

How do you get away from it all? Is your bolt hole slippers and a mug of hot chocolate? Your bed with the Sunday paper? Your local pub?

Send us a picture and we’ll add it here to the blog. You can email it to us, post it to our Facebook wall or tweet us a twitpic.

We will post next weeks’ theme on our Facebook page Friday teatime.

We have had two fabulous bolt holes for the blog today, one from our Facebook page and one sent in via twitter.

River Thames by Hampton Court

This photo of the River Thames at Hampton Court was sent in by Earthborn Designs a place they used to walk by when they were younger, a lovely sentimental bolt hole – thanks for sharing.

Camping in Scourie Scotland

This photo comes from John Heath who tweeted: 3 boltholes in one photo. The motorbike, the tent, the North West coast of Scotland at Scourie. Looks idyllic, a real getaway, not sure if we could travel so light so as to fit on a motorbike though!

River Lochy Fort William

A picture from Collecting Bag Challenge regular poster Gill Alleyne via our Facebook page, Gill writes…The shores of the River Lochy, Torcastle, Fort William. My fave place on Earth and where we go as a family for our hols. If we can’t get here we go anywhere where there is water for the boys. So long as we are together we are having a good time.

It seems like we all have a fondness for water!