Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – Christmas Decorations

Shore Cottage Studio Christmas Decorations

The collecting bag challenge for this week is Christmas Decorations. We made some of our own but would love to see yours too. Please send us your Christmas decoration pictures to be added to this blog post. You can email them to us, post them on our Facebook wall or tweet us a picture.

Sue's Seaweed Wreath

This is Sue’s decoration. Following the heavy storms just over a week ago the beach is chock a block with this seaweed. Sue collected a basket full and has been drying it out ready to use. Today she wrapped hessian ribbon around a circular wire form and added the dried seaweed and finished it with a hessian bow.

Kris' laser cut child's daring Christmas bauble

Kris made this one. He took a drawing of a reindeer by our four year old, scanned it into the computer and then designed a bauble shape. He etched and cut it using his laser cutter.

Laura Heath's robin hair ornament

This is what Laura decided to make. A festive hairbird on a larger scale than her usual ones. This one is inspired by a robin, Laura only stabbed herself with a felting needle five times when making it, a new record.

And now for your decorations….

Gill's decorations

Three decorations by the lovely Gill Alleyne, they were posted on our Facebook wall. Gill says…”Collecting bag challenge! My newest deccies were made by the wonderful Roy Lewis and are going on my tree at school. The jewel colours are in my kitchen and I gave the tree and decorations to the 3 boys and let them loose – and I haven’t changed it at all -it’s just lovely ( and full of wonderful things the boys have made x)”

Louise and Elsie's Christmas Decorations

These three lovely pieces were handmade by Louise Nilon and her toddler Elsie. She shared the photographs on our Facebook site and wrote… “Collecting bag challenge (better late than never!!) Crocheted wreath by yours truly. Felt ornament again made by me and fimo decoration made by Elsie with cookie cutters and spots.” You are not late at all Lou, you can add to the Collecting Bag Challenge up until teatime on Friday.