Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – Coast

Collecting bag challenge Coast theme

Here’s what we collected on our Collecting Bag Challenge this week. If you would like to add your image please email it to us at or post it on our Facebook wall or tweet it to us and we’ll include it here on this blog.

A bird made from driftwood and reed

Sue loves to find things that look like other things, especially if they are related to the beach. Here she found a piece of driftwood that looked liked a bird’s head and body complete with an eye. She walked a little further and came across the dried reed which looked like wings with their frayed ends and snapped angle at the centre. A tiny amount of judicious pinning with a single dress making pin she had about her person and a coastal bird was born. Laura photographed it held up in the warm sun.

Sailor's wash balls left behind

Kris loves these egg cases he calls sailor’s wash balls. These two have been left behind in a shallow pool of water and look good back lit by the low sun. We like to have a few of these dried in the studio as they are such a wonderful texture for inspiration, photographing and for mark making with inks and paints.

Thurstaston Shore

Laura took advantage of the photographer’s ‘golden hour’ the hour before sunset to take a photograph of Thurstaston Shore and the view to North Wales. The golden light catches some seaweed and the beautiful vibrant blue sky is reflected in the little stream.

What coast inspired objects or images have you found this week? Do send us yours.