Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – Crisp

CrispCollecting Bag Challenge

The theme for the collecting bag challenge this week is Crisp. Laura thought that as the forecast for Sunday looked good she’d get up bright and early and go in search of some frost or dew first thing. However, …best laid plans… So instead she captured the long golden first rays of the sun illuminating some beautiful seed heads. Sue is down in London visiting the Renegade Craft Fair and so texted her photo today.

All images today were captured on a camera phone.

Sunflower seed head at dawn

This sunflower has gone to seed beautifully and has been descended upon by several species of delighted small bird. This was the first shot Laura took this morning just look at the warmth of the sun.

Honesty at dawn, Thurstaston shore

Crisp honesty seed heads here, some reduced to fragile skeletons. The beginnings of a beautiful day in the background view of Thurstaston shore and beyond to North Wales.

Crisp autumn leaf from Woolwich

Sue texted her inclusion from a lovely pub called the Dial Arch in Woolwich, a very crisp looking autumn leaf. Sue is in London at the Renegade Craft Fair, we can’t wait for her to come back and tell us how she got on.

Have you got something Crisp to share? Perhaps you kick through crunchy leaves on your way to work? Or are making thin crunchy biscuits for tea? Crispy potatoes with your roast? Do share your Crisp images with us by email, twitter or on our Facebook wall. Any we receive we will add to this post until Friday when we will have a new collecting bag challenge theme posted on Facebook.