Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – Linear

Collecting bag challenge 'Linear'

The collecting bag challenge this week was given the theme ‘Linear’.

Mast in sunlight Thurstaston

Kris went for a walk along Thurstaston shore and snapped the beautiful lines of this mast and rigging on a boat waiting to be towed down the slipway. He caught a lovely moment with the sun shining behind – not bad for a camera phone shot.

Stone with linear detail

Sue pocketed a stone with lovely linear detailing and photographed it when she got back home to Shore Cottage. It looks great against the rough textured wood don’t you think?

Spiral staircase from below

Laura was out and about round the back of Birkenhead when a galvanised spiral staircase caught her eye. This shot was taken from below the stairs and had anyone seen her photographing it they would have been impressed by her contortions, but possibly thought she was a little strange at the same time.

We’d love to see your ‘Linear’ photographs, you can email them to us at or post them on our Facebook wall or send us a twitpic. We’ll add any photos you send us to this blog post.

Remember that you have all week to contribute to this theme, a new theme will be posted on our Facebook wall at about 5pm on Friday. Happy collecting everyone!

Gill's Linear shots

Gill Alleyne posted these brilliant ‘linear’ images on our Facebook wall. She took them at the Birkenhead Tram and Bus Open Day this morning. Nice lines Gill!