Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – Natural Halloween

No pumpkin? No problem!

The theme for the Collecting Bag Challenge this week was Natural Halloween. Our motto has been No Pumpkin? No Problem! And we each selected a fruit or vegetable to carve.

Kris' carved aubergine for Halloween

Kris carved this aubergine into an angry shouty face. As the day has worn on the flesh has wizened slightly making it look even more cross.

Sue's carved squash

Sue took this squash and immediately thought of some sort of marsupial with a bit of a sniffly nose. To make it more Halloween-ish she gave it a scar.

Laura's other worldly carved mango

Laura carved this mango into a sort of alien. She initially wanted to give it a bushy moustache and wild beard but it looked too good to risk ruining.

We’d love to see your homespun Natural Halloween images, if you send us an email, post on our Facebook wall or send us a twitpic before Friday we’ll include your contribution here on the blog.

Thanks to Gill Alleyne’s year 10 class today for this contribution.

School Pumpkins

The pupils made a pumpkin curry and carved out this pair from the ‘leftovers’.