Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – Pairs

Collecting Bag Challenge - Pairs

The Collecting Bag Challenge this week is Pairs.

Conjoined shells from Thurstaston beach

Kris took a stroll along the tideline on Thurstaston shore looking for two halves of a shell that were still joined together. He found this very pale and deeply ridged specimen.

Pair of Fern Fronds one more verdant than the other

Laura visited Thurstaston Common with the younger members of the Shore Cottage Studio team yesterday and whilst there she hunted fern fronds. Look at the wonderful supine curve on these two. A pair in shape and form if not in degree of verdant-ness!

Pair of Sweet Pea Pods

Sue grows sweet peas in the garden of Shore Cottage Studio and picked out this pair. We like the mottled surface colour and the fuzzy texture of the surface of the pod.

Have you found any pairs this week? Send us your pictures either by email, post them on our Facebook wall or send us a twitpic. If they arrive before Friday we’ll include them in the space below. Go on why not make this the week you join in?

Look, look a new contributor …waves to Ange…

Ange sent us this pair of well read cats

Ange Mullins sent us this puuuurfect pair (her words) of well read cats. Don’t they look friendly and cultured? Thanks Ange.

And here we have a photograph from Gill Alleyne.

Gill Alleyne Pairs..... Of feet

Gill posted this image to our Facebook page with the caption…
“Pairs of feet – a quick dash out between showers, mum (45), nephew(15) and 2 boys (12, 7) all splashing in puddles. A fine breath of fresh air.” Thanks Gill, great composition.

And now a post from the next generation of Collecting Bag Challengers, this photograph comes from Gill Alleyne’s lovely boys.

Otters Bridge By Gill's Boys

Gill and her boys were walking through Dibbinsdale nature reserve in Brombrough when the boys spotted Otters Bridge and all shouted out “PAIRS”. …waves to Gill’s boys…