Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge. Rusty Nails, Crab Claws and a Wooden Pebble

Collecting Bag Challenge, Rusty Nails, Crab Claws and a Wooden Pebble

Today’s collecting bag challenge saw the Shore Cottage Team collecting on Thurstaston Shore.

Wooden Pebble

Kris found a piece of dark wood shaped by the sea into a handsome pebble. Wonderful to hold in the palm of your hand.

Rusty Nails

Sue found a series of rusty objects; some nails and some metal ties used in gabion basket walls from the site of the central steps down to the beach from the Wirral Country Park.

Crab Claws Sunday collecting bag challenge

Laura found a series of crab claws of varying sizes; they look fantastic but have been consigned to an outdoor display as we fear they may not smell so fresh after a while.

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