Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – Shadows

Collecting Bag Challenge - Shadows

The collecting bag challenge is set on a Friday over on our Facebook page. The theme this week is Shadows.

Shadow of found spine

Kris found this section of spine (possibly from a seal but we are more than willing to be put right by an expert) on Thurstaston shore. Laura smoothed the sand around it a little to make the most of the long autumn shadows before photographing it.

Shadows of Rusty Chain on Rock

Laura loved how the low sun brings out the texture of this pitted rock it sets off the rusted chain so well. We love natural texture.

Shadow of bee, lavender and rusty shears

Sue liked the crisp shapes of the shadows of the rusted shears contrasting with the organic softer shape cast by the bee on the lavender. A lovely still life nestled underneath the picture window of our new studio.

We’d love to see your shadow photographs, post them on our Facebook wall, send us a twitpic or an email and we’ll upload them to the blog. You have until Friday to contribute to the Shadows theme.

The new theme will be posted on Facebook at about 5pm on Friday.

Gill's watery shadow

Look at this watery shadow that Gill Alleyne posted to Facebook today. Were you paddling Gill? Autumn Schmautumn the sun definitely had his hat on then.