Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – Shiny

Sunset over the river Dee Wirral

The collecting bag challenge this week has the theme of ‘Shiny’. Laura has been out doing some recce shots for a landscape project she is working on at the moment and Kris and Sue we’re so taken by these quick initial shots that we thought we’d share three with you today.

Horizon Laura Heath

This is the view from the Shore Cottage Studio at the very last fading moments of sunset. Laura has used a long exposure time and introduced some horizontal movement to paint with the street lights in North Wales.

Curve Sunset by Laura Heath

This shot was made using a quick but sweeping spiral curve motion on a long exposure.

Celestial Sweep by Laura Heath

This final shot Laura brought the camera sharply downwards causing the street lights to be painted skywards on the image.

How nice to use such a lo-tech method, no photoshop or clever software, to create a dramatic shot.

What do you think? Are they your cup of tea or not?

We’d love to see your ‘Shiny’ images have you found something metallic, a mirror finish, a sparkling jewel or the inside of a shell? Whatever you spot this week, that is shiny, be sure to share it with us either via email, on our Facebook wall or as a twitpic. Any pictures we receive we’ll post here on the blog for everyone to enjoy, on Friday teatime we’ll post another theme on our Facebook wall.

Why not make this the week you join in?

Happy hunting everyone!