Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – Spots Dots and Circles

Collecting bag challenge spots dots and circles

The collecting bag challenge for this week was given the theme of circles, spots and dots. We decided to carry out our part of the challenge in our local garden centre Gordale Nurseries.

Guinea Fowl Feathers

At Gordale they have free roaming Guinea Fowl and Kris noticed a few stray feathers on the grass which he collected for their monochrome spots.

Crocus bulbs

Sue bought these blue crocus bulbs to plant around the new studio for a bit of spring colour. The base of the bulb is a very pleasing natural circle.


Laura cheated a little bit by not actually collecting her circle but photographing it on her phone instead. She managed to catch the peacock unawares and take this shot without disturbing the bird. It may not be the best shot of a peacock but it certainly shows off those beautiful coloured ‘eyes’.

We would love you to send us your pictures of circles, spots and dots for the challenge this week. If you see anything that fits the bill post it on our Facebook wall or send us a twitpic before next Sunday and we’ll add it to this blog post. Happy spotting!

Thank you to Gill Alleyne for our first Collecting Bag Challenge response!

Circles by Gill

Gill took these photos at the Egremont Festival.