Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – Things that remind us of home

Things that remind us of home rug hooks, succulent, fuchsia

This week’s Collecting Bag Challenge was set on Friday over on our Facebook site by Donkey Basket, the theme was to collect something that reminded you of home.

Tools for rug making

Sue has been to a carboot sale and found a set of rug making tools that instantly reminded her of her childhood home, School House Swarby. In the 1950s she remembers winter evenings where her Mum and Dad would sit either side of the old black kitchen grate and hook rugs. Rugs she remembers from her home are; a black half moon shaped rug covered in red roses, two bright blue rugs with three flying ducks on each which lived one each side of her bed, the front room had a beige rug with faded flowers and a green border.

Succulent plant

Kris found some succulents growing in a rockery here at Shore Cottage (sometimes known locally as Sally’s Cottage). Succulents were grown by his Mum on a windowsill in the kitchen, he remembers his cat, Ginny, jumping up to have a nibble whenever she thought no one was looking. They were then transplanted to the garden wall at the front of the house and are now one of the first things Kris sees when visiting his parents.

Fuchsia plant at Shore Cottage Thurstaston

Laura didn’t have to work too hard to remind herself of her childhood home as Shore Cottage is it. Laura loves this fuchsia bush and Sue says it has been at the cottage longer than she has. Laura has bought fuchsias for every home she has lived in since but none are quite as vast and indestructible as the one at Shore Cottage. Laura has fond memories of ‘popping’ the buds and peeling back the petals before they were quite ready to open, a satisfying sensation indeed to a four year old. This action probably didn’t do the bush many favours but was more socially acceptable then piggeling the bobbles of the 1980s blown vinyl wallpaper which was also very satisfying.

To join in the collecting bag challenge post your photos on our Facebook page or send us a twitpic, you can find our Facebook and twitter information at the top of the page on the right. We will post your responses below, go on we’d love to share your memories.