Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – Up!

Collecting Bag Challenge Up!

The theme for this week’s collecting bag challenge is Up!

Lobster kite in blue sky

Kris took this photograph of our lovely lobster kite against a bright blue sky. It certainly seems to be happy all the way up there!

Paracending over Thurstaston shore

Laura took this photograph of a brave soul parascending off Thurstaston cliffs. They seem to be quite majestic when they are swooping and spiralling in the air; however, they are more reminiscent of turtles when they gather up their parachute and begin the plodding climb back up the steps.

Kite surfing on the Dee

Sue took this photograph of a kite surfer on the Dee, it must have been cold on the water this weekend, we hope they warmed up with post-activity cocoa.

We’d love to see your Up! Themed photographs, you can post them on our Facebook wall or tweet us a twitpic. You can also email us an image to we’ll include all your images here on the blog and you have up until Friday to contribute to this theme.

We will announce a new theme on our Facebook page on Friday before teatime. Happy hunting everyone!

Look, look a trio of shots from Gill Alleyne, she took these at Tam O Shanter urban farm for the challenge this week, these would all be a great starting point for textile inspiration don’t you think?

Gill Alleyne's collecting bag challenge