Three Things; Collecting Bag Challenge – What Colour is Your Christmas?

What colour is your Christmas

The collecting bag challenge for this week is ‘what colour is your Christmas?’. We’d love to see what colour sums up the festive season for you.

Laura's white Christmas

Laura’s Christmas is white, up until having children all Laura’s tree decorations were white ones or colourless glass. Nowadays this all white look has been softened with homemade decorations by the children in all colours.

Sue's Christmas is silver

She’s Christmas is silver and particularly silver with candle light. There is a certain something about the sparkle of silver that makes it soft and magical.

Kris' Christmas is red

Kris’ Christmas is red, all these objects remind him of the children when they were tiny.

If you send us your photos we’ll post them here for everyone to see.

@RosieMcposy's Christmas tree

Our first contributor this week is @RosieMcposy via twitter. Her Christmas is rustic and twiggy … And do we spy gingerbread? Looks great Rosie, thanks for sharing.

Red Christmas from Angel

Our second contribution is from Angel Jem who commented on our post below. Seeing as we had your permission Angel I’ve copied one of your pics and a sentence from your blog

“I had to paint the little houses for my fireplace. They were really good fun! I was going to paint them white but I painted one red one and fell in love. I just adore the icicles on the roof, and the little wreath on the door!”