Three Things; Finds – Antique Till

Finds - Antique Till

Our find today is an antique till.

Dust covered antique till

Sue went on an adventure with her youngest son, Jo, to Lancashire; they were in search of a salvage yard but had got a little lost. They stopped to ask directions from a father and son stonemason team who were working in a disused warehouse. The stonemasons were converting part of the old warehouse to a home and part to a renovated working studio for their business.

Sue explained that they were looking for a salvage yard and were in search of treasure. The pair invited Sue and Jo to have a hunt in their old storage area as there was a load of old junk that she and Jo may be interested in. Under lots of debris and dust they found this old till. Sue fell in love with it and Jo bargained a fair price with the owners. So here it is at Shore Cottage ready for the dust to be swept off.

Logo on antique till

This is the logo on the cash register it says ‘National’ in a swirly font. Kris likes the cut of its jib and says it is a lovely custom logo.

Vintage numerals - old money

Look at the amazing buttons, antique numeral font and old money, what more could you ask for? Beautiful.