Three Things; Finds – Birds

Finds - Birds

The finds today are all bird based.

Sue in custom tweed felt bird jacket

This tweed jacket was found by Sue in a charity shop and she has customised it to make it a real signature piece. Sue began by replacing the buttons with tonal but mismatched buttons to the front and cuffs and then designed a wonderful bird for the shoulder. The bird is cut out from felt and has a button eye and lovely wings made from safety pins stacked with tiny beads. The bird has been carefully appliquéd onto the jacket by hand for a really special finish.

Mr and Mrs Pheasant

The gorgeous silver metal male and female pheasant were a present for Sue from her youngest daughter, Luce. They were found in a charity shop and now overlook the dining table at Shore Cottage.

Wire Rooster

This lovely rooster started out life with a handsome wicker set of plumage but had laid forgotten in the garden for many years. When cleaning out dark corners for the new studio to be built we found this fine fellow and watched as his wicker fell away from him as if it were dust. He is now showing quite a bit of rust and as you can imagine Sue prefers him this way.