Three Things; Finds – Galvanised Chick Feeders

Finds Galvanised chick feeders

Look at our finds this week! We bought a few galvanised chick feeders from eBay as we thought they had potential…

Galvanised chick feeder with so much potential

Here is the raw material as it were. The concept being that you put chick feed into the trough and the little rail bits stop the chicks from squabbling over the food.

Now repurposed as haberdashery display unit

Here we have one that Sue has begun to transform into a very plush looking haberdashery display unit. She has quilted a lining to the whole trough and added pin cushions at each end padded with raw wool. The whole trough will be stocked with cottons, needles and scissors so that everyone working around our tables can reach supplies easily.

Miniature books of inspiration library storage

This one has begun to take shape as a miniature library for Sue’s Little Books of Inspiration. Sue is still working on these beauties, each focussed on a particular source of inspiration for example blue, feathers or pebbles. She wanted visitors to the studio to be able to rifle through and pick out titles that catch their eye using the index tabs on the spine.