Three Things; Finds – Inadvertent Kitchenalia Collections

Finds: Inadvertent Kitchenalia Collections

Tuesdays are ‘Finds’ on the Three Things blog. Today we are sharing some of our Inadvertent Kitchenalia Collections. Yes inadvertent, yes collection’s’. We blame William Morris… William Morris famously said “Do not have anything in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” And therein lies the rub for us at Shore Cottage Studio. Being of an artistic disposition, we like to find beauty almost everywhere and all these objects are undeniably useful.

Our collection of rolling pins

For example if you saw a lovely weighty wooden rolling pin in a charity shop and bought it, and then on a different day saw one with sunny yellow handles, and one that rolled a pattern into shortbread, and a small child sized one, and… You would find yourself with over 30 rolling pins. Et voila an inadvertent collection. (I say ‘over 30’ as I stopped counting when it became apparent there were far too many for any sane family to own.)

Lots of jelly or pudding moulds

Or, for another unrelated example, if one household owned eight little vintage pudding moulds because they liked to make tiny molten chocolate puddings… and another household owned eight little dessert moulds because they liked to make sweet little individual jellies… And then those two households combined into a single household you would then own sixteen small moulds which surely amounts to an inadvertent collection? (Or at the very least a jolly nice party!)

Collection of biscuit cutters in wire basket

And finally should you have children who love to help with baking and yet some of those children were too small to fully understand sharing then surely it would be justifiable to own a sizeable buckets worth of biscuit cutters? (I say ‘finally’ as the blog is called Three Things and we have reached three inadvertent Kitchenalia collections and admitting to anymore would surely open us up to ridicule)

Do you have any inadvertent collections?