Three Things; Finds – Letterpress

Finds - Letterpress

This week Kris and Sue went on a road trip to Wales to collect a wonderful eBay purchase.

Type cabinet for letterpress

This is a metal type cabinet with printer’s trays full of letterpress type. The cabinet and six empty trays were found on Ebay for the bargain price of £10.50! We couldn’t believe our luck so a road trip to collect them ensued.

Type drawers filled with letterpress type

When Kris and Sue arrived at the seller’s workshop they managed to buy some full type drawers too. Look at the cobwebs on that lot.

Cow blocking our way to the type!

The route home was blocked by free roaming cows and Kris couldn’t resist stopping to take a photograph. All in all a grand day out and a fantastic boost to our existing print equipment.

Hooray for future letterpress commissions and classes.