Three Things; Finds – Pillar Box Money Boxes

Finds: Pillar Box Money Boxes

Today at Shore Cottage Studio we received a lovely letter from some friends in North Shields. We love to get post and getting the letter reminded us of some lovely pillar box money boxes we have on the mantelpiece. A pillar box is a free standing post box found in the UK, they are painted red and usually embossed with initials to show the reigning monarch when the box was erected.

George the Fifth Pillar Box Money Box

This is a George the Fifth pillar box money box with slots for you to ‘post your pennies’ and ‘post your halfpennies’; the original pillar box would have has two slots, one for first class and one for second class post. We found it in a local charity shop, it is from J S Fry and sons and is fairly light and made from tin.

ER Pillar Box Money Box Brass

This is an Elizabeth the First solid brass pillar box money box. It was bought in the 1950s from Melton Mobray market by Sue’s Dad and reminds her of home. It is very heavy being solid brass and polishes up nicely.

ER ii Pillar Box Money Box Red

This is a modern reproduction of an Edward the Seventh pillar box money box and was received as a Christmas Present to sit alongside the others. You can buy similar reproduction ones from Royal Mail themselves.