Three Things; Finds – Recycled Festive Decorations

Up cycled chandelier festive decorations

Tuesdays are Finds on the Three Things blog and today Sue has been upcycling a chandelier that was destined for a charity shop into a festive decoration.

Plastic drop chandelier

Sue’s cousin Margaret was about to take this chandelier to the charity shop when she had a thought that Sue might be able to do something creative with it. Here is the ‘before’ shot, plastic ‘crystal’ drops in a brass waterfall setting tangled in an uninspiring carrier bag.

Buttons and 'crystal' drops on trays ready and waiting

Sue liberated the ‘crystal’ drops from their settings and found some wintery looking buttons and put them side by side. She spray painted the brass settings with a view to re-suspending the drops with the buttons. After experimenting for a while Sue dismissed the original idea in favour of a more natural form of display.

'Crystal' and button drops hanging on a tree branch

Sue decided to suspend the button and ‘crystal’ drops from a fallen tree branch instead of the original settings. This created an altogether more exciting display, they have set the colour scheme and tone for the Shore Cottage Studio Christmas decorations.

Watch this space for more festive ideas over the next few weeks.