Three Things; Finds – Vintage Red Finds

Red Vintage Finds

On Tuesdays we showcase some of our finds on the Three Things blog. Today we have three vintage finds that are all linked by their lovely deep red colour.

Sa Vu Paraffin Heater

This is a Sa-Vu paraffin heater, it is described as being “safe like a miner’s lamp” and is designed to be hung or stood on firm ground. It was used before the invention of antifreeze, hung under car bonnets, to start them in cold weather. Kris and Sue found it in a charity shop in Port Sunlight. We love it because it has an air of a lighthouse, but smaller and more friendly.

Vintage welding goggles

These are vintage welding goggles which were being thrown away from an engineer’s warehouse in North Shields and were rescued by Kris. They have a Biggles-like quality and yes, we have all tried them on. Aren’t they great!

Vintage fire blanket box

Lastly we have this superb red fire blanket box. It was being thrown out of a chemistry lab in Newcastle Upon Tyne and was rescued by Laura and Kris. The fire blanket is no longer inside and instead we use it to store kindling and matches for our log burner.

Do you have any red vintage finds you want to share?