Three Things; Flashback Friday – George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

Shore Cottage Studio on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

We are so excited to finally let you all know officially that we will be on the telly next week! Today’s Flashback Friday is to our studio build this summer. We were filmed by Plum Pictures for Channel Four’s George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

George Clarke, Kris Heath and Laura Heath

Here is George standing with a very pleased, yet tired, Kris and Laura outside the newly finished art studio. The build itself was exciting and challenging but was so worth it, see for yourself on Thursday the 21st November at 8pm pm channel four. (Or 9pm on 4+1)

Day one of the build filmed for Channel Four

This was day one of the build and here Paul and Wayne from Swift Garden Rooms are being filmed fitting together the huge 3D jigsaw of insulated panels.

Filming the timelapse footage for channel four

The production team set up a time-lapse camera too, to capture the build as it progressed. We haven’t seen the show, or any raw footage so we are crossing our fingers it turns out ok. We will be watching on Thursday, all nervous and giddy, so join us on Facebook and Twitter or leave us a comment on the web to let us know if you liked it.