Three Things; Flashback Friday – Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes

Many of you will be going to fancy dress parties today so we thought we’d share some of our favourite dressings-up on Flashback Friday.

Touché and Away

This is Laura’s best costume ever. EVER. She is dressed as Touché Turtle a character from a wonderful cartoon Touché Turtle and Dum Dum. The costume consisted of wearing her older brother’s pyjamas and a cardboard shell affixed to a waistcoat. The waistcoat was fastened using an I am 3 badge (because she was). The hat and foil came from a Zorro play set with a plume added by Sue, made from paper. The Zorro foil was the type that had a piece of chalk in the end so you could swish a ‘Z’ onto a tree or gate as you fancied – but not in the house.

Broom down for cowboy Kris

This is Kris last year dressed as a cowboy, you can tell that by the hat and boots. He borrowed a small girl’s broomstick and set about jumping as high as he could so as to appear to be flying. It took him a good long while to get this shot and he was a little upset when most people thought he had photoshopped the image.

Eagle vs. ?

Here is Sue in her Eagle costume. Sue designed and made it herself in half a day. It is truly magnificent and was inspired by the 2007 film ‘Eagle Vs. Shark’. She sewed channels of fabric and then cut between them to make long frayed tail feathers. The top of the head piece was stuffed to give it extra height.

What was your best dressing up costume from the past? Do share memories or photos…