Three Things; Flashback Friday – Past Works from Kris

Flashback to Kris Heath past works

Today’s Flashback Friday is to Kris’ second year of his BA Fine Art.

Kris Heath Reconstructed Newspaper

The first part of preparing for any exhibition is painting the studio space white. This results in layers and layers of paint building up over the years. Kris decided to scrape back the layers before painting his space afresh. He discovered that at some point in the past his exhibition space had been papered with newspaper. Kris removed the paper in chunks and reconstructed the image you see above.

Kris Heath Piano Discs 1

This is the first of his Piano Disc pieces. Piano tuners place punched circles of paper and card in between the inner workings of the hammers and strings as part of maintaining the mechanism. A previous student had wrecked a piano for a project and it was destined for the skip. Kris rescued some of the inner workings and found the discs.

Kris Heath Piano Discs 2

Kris discovered that the discs could be placed together like a jigsaw to reconstruct the original document that had been punched.