Three Things; Flashback Friday Shore Cottage Studio

Flashback Friday Shore Cottage Studio

Flashback Friday and a recreation of a photograph for you.

Shore Cottage and Outbuilding

This is an old photograph (about 1900) of Shore Cottage showing an outbuilding in the side garden that was perhaps used as a smokehouse.

New Studio From the Beach

Here is a photograph taken tonight from roughly the same angle, you can see our new studio and the resemblance to the original outbuilding.

Shore Cottage Studio from the Cottage Garden

The new studio from the garden of Shore Cottage. There is still work to be done, floor to be laid, electrics to be connected up and lights to be installed but we are very pleased with the progress so far.

We can’t wait to get inside and unpack the boxes of art materials that have been stacked away during the build. We are looking forward to sharing the studio and the wonderful views on our art courses and workshops.