Three Things; Flashback Friday – Sue’s Textile Tour of India

Sue's Textile Tour of India

Fridays are Flashback Friday on the Three Things Blog and today we are flashing back to 2007 and Sue’s Textile Tour of India. Sue visited Rajasthan for a month and totally loved every second.

Sue Barnes on a Camel

Here is Sue on a camel ready to set out on a camel safari, she was so at home on her beast that she went galloping across the sand Laurence of Arabia style much to the delight of the rest of the party! Quick camel fact for you; there are two types of camels Bactrian and Dromedary. A Bactrian camel has two humps and a Dromedary has one – to remember which one is which you just tip the initial letter of each name onto its back. Bactrian B has two humps, Dromedary D has one hump.

Sue's Elephant Batik Fabric and sketchbook

This is a wonderful piece of batik that Sue dyed herself, you can see the page of her sketchbook alongside the finished piece of deep burgundy fabric. She spent the day with a lovely family learning all the processes from scratch including boiling the dye over an open wood fire.

Yarn made from Sari fabric scraps

This amazing yarn is made from tiny scraps of sari fabric spun into strands. The colours are breathtaking and even now, six years later, they are such exquisite artefacts themselves that Sue can’t bear to unwind them and consider making them into something else. So they remain as gorgeous as the day they were spun, wonderful to pick up and touch but too valuable to disturb.