Three Things; Flashback Friday – Suitcase Stack Media Unit

Flashback Friday Suitcase Stack Media Unit

Today’s flashback is to Kris’ vintage suitcase stack concealed media unit. Kris designed and made this unit to hide all the electronic gubbins we wanted to have in our open plan kitchen-dining room without it being on display.

Suitcase stack hidden t.v. Games console and music system

Here is the finished article that had pride of place in Kris and Laura’s kitchen in the North East before they moved to Shore Cottage. It blended very nicely into the background and didn’t necessarily let on as to its true nature.

Back of suitcase stack showing frame and media storage

Here you can see the back of the suitcase stack under construction. Kris removed the backs of each suitcase and made a wooden frame to slot inside. He screwed chunky castors to the bottom of the wooden frame through the base suitcase so that the whole unit could be swivelled around easily to show the ‘pretty’ or ‘functional’ sides as required. The internal partitions of the frame were bespoke for our differing media including a games console, music player and storage for CDs, games and controllers.

Top of suitcase stack hidden LCD t.v.

The smallest suitcase on the top of the stack did not have the back cut out and didn’t play a part in the main storage. Instead it was securely bolted to the top of the wooden frame and an LCD TV installed into the lid! The image here is during construction whilst it still had the protective screen cover on. The way the unit was constructed meant that the TV could be watched or a console game played whilst the suitcase stack was turned around and the ‘pretty’ side is facing the viewer.

What would you hide in a suitcase stack?