Three Things; Lancashire, Roaming Roosters and Malkin Pie.

Lancashire, Roamimg Roosters and Malkin Pie

Last week Kris ventured North to Burnley and onwards to his letterpress workshop, whilst in Lancashire he had a grand day out.

Roaming Roosters, Higham, Lancashire

He visited Roaming Roosters a farm shop, bistro, coffee rooms and kids educational centre in Higham for lunch on the recommendation of several Lancashire based foodie friends. He was not disappointed with what he found.

Al fresco dining at Roaming Roosters

Kris especially liked the alfresco dining arrangements, apparently the seating grooves were very comfortable.

Malkin Pie from the San Witches of Sabden

Best of all for the rest of us at home at Shore Cottage was that he brought home a Malkin Pie from the farm shop. The pie was frozen and due to a miscalculation in the thawing time for such a fully packed pie, the Shore Cottage Studio team had home baked potato wedges as a starter and finally Malkin Pie as a glorious main dish by itself. It was simply the best pie we have ever eaten.