Three Things; Likes – Characters we met on our build

We like the characters we met on our build

Saturday is ‘Likes’ on the Three Things blog and today we are liking the characters we met during the building of Shore Cottage Studio.

Lunchtime day one breakfast tart

Halfway through day one of the build we all downed tools whilst the tide came in and went out, a planning stipulation so as not to disturb feeding birds. We ate breakfast tart and lemon cake and chatted away like old friends before beginning again in the afternoon. The fellow on the top left of this picture is Martin from Swift who designed and built our studio for us. Martin has written a wonderful blow by blow account of the build illustrated with some great pictures here on the garden room guide.

Film crew going the extra mile kneeling in puddles

Here is a funny picture of the film crew going the extra mile during filming. You can see the weather on the first day of the build was pretty atrocious with everyone clad in waterproofs. Here Pete and Charlotte film the materials being unloaded from the flat bed lorry, poor Pete is kneeling in a puddle to get a great shot – that’s dedication.

Job done Wayne fulfils a promise

This is Wayne keeping a promise! The build was scheduled to last until the second Friday and Wayne, one of the builders, said if they finished early he would walk down the steps on his hands. So this is Thursday mid morning, job done, celebration time. Wayne signed our guest book as Wayne builder/dancer we wonder what other talents he has!

We love meeting new people; today we had an impromptu open studio day and met loads of new friends. If you didn’t manage to get down we will be doing the same tomorrow between 10am and 4pm. Look at our twitter feed or Facebook page for details.