Three Things; Likes – Finding Beauty All Around

Finding beauty all around

Saturday is Likes on the Three Things blog and today we like the ability to see beauty all around us. Laura took these photographs on a recent trip to Birkenhead.

Bollards with rust

This little ‘fence’ to stop people from parking on the pavement has bollards joined together with a wonderfully rusted pole. The rust has formed where the thick protective layer-upon-layer of paint has been chipped off. It is old and a little broken but still doing its job beautifully.

Rusty fire escape

This is a section of rusty external fire escape. The texture of the painted surface and the rust patches is amazingly tactile. You can’t help but think that nature and the elements are slowly winning a war against these man made objects. The strong linearity of the hand rail supports and the side of the steps is particularly pleasing.

Rusty metal door

This is a sliding metal door that has a scraped crease line along its midsection. This scrape has then duly rusted, but what a pattern it has formed. Laura likes to look at it as a mountain range reflected in a still lake. A large beautiful expanse of landscape.

Would you walk past beautiful scenes like these without noticing? Why not take time tomorrow to wander at a slower pace around a familiar place and take time to see beauty in your everyday surroundings.