Three Things; Likes – Hand Knitting Superstars

We like Hand knitting Superstars

Saturday is likes on the Three Things blog and today we are liking some hand knitting superstars.

Midsummer Night's Dream

This Midsummer Night’s dream hood is wonderfully ethereal , it is designed by Tiny Owl Knits and you can download the pattern from Ravelry, Etsy or the Tiny Owl Knits homepage. Stephanie Dosen is the magician behind the fairy tale inspired creations that combine hand knitting and felting. Simply beautiful.

Yokoo sweetheart chain scarf

This work from knitwear guru Yokoo couldn’t be more different from our last pick but look at how stunning it is. Yokoo hand makes all her pieces to order and you can buy them in her Etsy shop. Her work is bold and sculptural but incredibly wearable. One of these designs would certainly be a true statement piece. Yokoo lives and works in Atlanta Georgia and has been interviewed for Etsy’s ‘Quit your Day Job‘ series, an inspiring read.

PomPom Quarterly Autumn 2013

Our last pick today, PomPom quarterly magazine is an ongoing source of inspiration. Sue’s youngest son, Jo, thought it would be the kind of thing that we might like and sent us a copy. We liked it so much that we are now subscribers and have a copy on the studio bookshelf ready for tea break. The image here is the cover of their autumn 2013 edition. You can subscribe on their website where you can also download some free patterns!