Three Things; Likes – Serendipity

We like serendipity

Today at Shore Cottage Studio we are liking serendipity. Happy accidents are always welcome in the studio.

Black and White photograph of ferns on Thurstaston Common

Laura has been out on Thurstaston Common taking some high contrast images of ferns for a piece she hopes to complete in the near future combining images from the urban and rural environment on fused glass.

Transferring the photograph to the glass

Laura has recently bought some photograph image transfer paper for glass fusing. The image is laser printed onto the special paper and then floated off onto the glass in a water bath. This is similar to those temporary tattoos one used to get on holiday. The black image is actually made from a toner which contains a high amount of iron. The glass is fussed in a kiln and the plastic part of the transfer burns away and the iron within the toner turns to iron oxide and the resulting rusty coloured particles are fused into the surface of the glass. The image therefore becomes part of the glass rather than being a transfer sat or glued on top of the glass.

Image fused to glass but cracked in the kiln

The instructions on the transfer paper were clear, after sliding the wet transfer onto the glass it should be left to dry thoroughly for at least three hours. Unfortunately Laura was in too much of a hurry to wait and gave it a blast with a hairdrier before popping it in the kiln. If there is moisture within a piece that is to be fired it quickly expands and turns to steam causing cracking. Initially when removing the cracked piece from the kiln Laura was disappointed it had not come out as intended. However, after a cup of tea, Laura realised that the wonderful organic curve of the cracked edge was actually very pleasing and not a shape she could have cut if she had wanted too.

So serendipity brought us a much more organic, beautiful form than the intended rectangular piece. Laura is considering displaying the original photograph alongside the fragmented glass piece (and also waiting at least three hours before firing her next piece).

Have you had a burst of serendipity in a creative endeavour? What not tell us your story?