Three Things; miniature nebula, preserved seed heads and a rusty tideline stitch book

Miniature nebula, preserved seed heads, rusty tideline stitch book

Today’s three things are all about capturing something fleeting, looking at the overlooked.

A concertina stitch book of a tideline captured using transfer print of rusty objects

Sue’s ongoing rust project continues with this stitch book; made by leaving rusty found objects in contact with wet fabric over a prolonged period of time to leave their impression printed in rust on the fabric. Inspired by the tideline Sue has embellished the rusty fabric with hand stitching and made it up into a concertina stitch book. To see more of Sue’s work visit her blog.

Dandelions and seed heads in preserving jars

All too often the beauty of a dandelion seed head is destroyed by the wind as is it’s design.  To enjoy the fragility a little longer we collected these into a preserving jar and popped them on the fireplace.

Tissue with inks and glitter

After painting on the garden table with the kids we mopped up watery inks and glitter onto a tissue. It caught the light and reminded me of a miniature nebula, a photograph taken with a portraiture lens adds to is ethereal quality.