Three Things; Monday Lunch – Christmas Tree Biscuits

Christmas tree biscuits

This is the first of two Christmas recipes for you today. This one uses Nigella Lawson’s cut out cookie recipe which you can find here on her website. The trick to getting 3D baubles on the trees is to use a pizza tray with holes cut out to make a crispy base. We got ours from Lakeland Ltd but they are widely available.

Christmas tree biscuits on a pizza tray

If you make the dough according to Nigella’s recipe and then roll out thinly cutting out tree shapes and placing them on the pizza tray. The biscuits will rise slightly and the holes in the baking tray will form cute baubles on the tree.

Icing Christmas tree biscuits

You can ice them using quite runny water icing in a piping bag to make zig zag tinsel for a minimalist look. Alternately you can let the kids go wild with coloured icing and stars for a totally different look.

Finished! Yummy Christmas biscuit.

The finished biscuits are delicious.