Three Things; Monday Lunch – Crunchy Crispy Onions and Corned Beef Hash

Crispy Crunchy Onions and Corned Beef Hash

Today’s recipe is savoury comfort foot in a dish. It may be that you haven’t had corned beef hash for years or even ever at all, but autumn is surely the time to (re)discover it. Even if you don’t fancy the hash, please do make the onions they are delicious served on top or alongside almost anything from curries, stews, sausages or even in front of a movie by the handful.

Chopped onions almost ready to become crispy and crunchy

The recipes today are totally simple and utterly delicious so there is really no reason to not make them.

Crispy Crunchy Onions Ingredients

One onion, a tablespoon of plain flour, salt and pepper, oil for frying.

Corned Beef Hash Ingredients

Potatoes, knob of butter, splash of milk, tin of corned beef.

Fried to a perfect crisp

Slice the onions as thinly as you can and toss them in the flour, salt and pepper mixture.

Heat some oil. (If you have a deep fat fryer you can toss the onion in all at once) We heated our oil in a small milk pan about 2cm of oil on a high heat. To test if the oil is hot enough drop a small piece of onion into it. If it sinks greasily the oil isn’t hot enough, if it sizzles bubbles and blisters it is good to go.

Pop in about a tablespoon of floury onion at a time kep a close eye on it and fish out with a slotted spoon when the onions are nice and brown. Don’t worry that they may not appear crunchy, they will crisp up when you fish them out. It is easy to burn them so do keep a eye out.

Have a plate or dish handy with some kitchen paper in the bottom of it to tip the onions onto when they are done it will absorb some of the oil. You can keep the onions for a while in an airtight tin so they can be made ahed of time but ours have never lasted more than a day as we eat them all…

For the corned beef hash simply boil some potatoes skins on or off its up to you. Once they are cooked drain the water and mash them in the hot pan with a good glug of milk and a large knob of butter. You can get fancy if you want by adding creme fraiche or an egg yolk to make it extra rich or even chopped fresh herbs.

Once the mash is mashed add the tin of corned beef and mash some more until the corned beef is evenly distributed throughout.

Corned beef hash with crispy crunchy onions

Serve in large dollops with a sprinkle of crunchy onions on top, the contrast with the flavourful smooth mash and the crispy crunchy onions is brilliant.